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it's a volcano (a donna noble fanmix)

Medium: Television Series
Fandom: Doctor Who
Subject: Donna Noble
Title: It's A Volcano
Warnings: Mix covers through Journey's End. No outright spoilers but plenty implied.
Notes: The songs on the mix are meant to cover Donna's life with the Doctor in semi-chronological order. The first two are there to establish her situation when we first met her, the next four songs are about her life travelling with the Doctor, and the last four are about the season finale and its aftermath. I've been working on this pretty much since Journey's End aired as a way to work through my feelings about Donna's ending, which is why it gets a bit brutal at the end. I tried to end it on a hopeful note, though. (The last song, "Mouthwash," is what I consider to be my Donna song. If you listen to it you'll understand.)

...and for one moment, one shining moment, she was the most important woman in the whole wide universe.Collapse )


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There are times in our relationship when I feel an interpreter wouldn't come amiss.Collapse )
Medium: Books of the Television Series
Fandom: Doctor Who
Subject: The Pirate Loop
Title: Endless Loop, Avec Pinapple
Warnings: Minor spoilers.
Notes: This is part of my contribution to lifeonmartha's Footsteps project. I never thought I'd be making a fanmix for a book with badger space pirates, though.

Endless Loop, Avec Pinapple: a fanmix for The Pirate LoopCollapse )


stars in their crown - a one/cameca fanmix

Medium: Television Series
Fandom: Doctor Who
Subject: First Doctor/Cameca
Title: Stars In Their Crown
Warnings: Spoilers for The Aztecs.
Notes: Entirely canon, my friends, despite the obscurity. While Barbara pretends to be a goddess, Ian dresses up in a bird suit, and Susan goes to Aztec Finishing School, the Doctor experiences a whirlwind romance in the Gardens of Peace. Although he ends up leaving Cameca behind, he never forgets her. (Like my Ten/Donna mix, this is also for Rare Ships Month at who_otp.)

Stars in their Crown: A One/Cameca FanmixCollapse )

rays of dark matter - a terror firma fanmix

Medium: Big Finish Audios of the Television Series
Fandom: Doctor Who
Subject: Terror Firma
Title: Rays of Dark Matter
Warnings: None, really. Nothing you couldn't gather by reading the back-cover blurb, anyhow.
Notes: So, I listened to this audio for the very first time a week ago and was immediately consumed by the urge to make a fanmix for it. And here it is. I'm quite proud of the cover art. Also, obscurity is love.

Rays of Dark Matter: a Terror Firma fanmixCollapse )

swallowed by a wave: a doctordonna fanmix

Medium: Television Series
Fandom: Doctor Who
Subject: Tenth Doctor/Donna Noble
Title: Swallowed By A Wave
Warnings: Spoilers in the form of episode quoting for Planet of the Ood.
Notes: This fanmix was made for Rare Ships Month at who_otp and although I love my ship to bits, I will admit it's the rarest of the rare. (And yes, I do know that Donna is the companion that the Doctor's not supposed to have a romance with. The subtext, however, seems to disagree with that.)

Swallowed By A Wave: A DoctorDonna FanmixCollapse )


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